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see this is why i can’t stand overly smart people who can’t hold normal conversations

Same friend who vented about orientation, vents via Gmail about a certain professor during her Urban Semester in NYC senior year at Cornell.  

The title of this post was the subject line of the email. 

These are the directions our professor gave us to meet him somewhere IN BROOKYLN for some tour:

You will need to get on three different subway lines.
Take the number 6 to Union Square.
Get on the L going to Brooklyn
Get off the L at the Lorimer/Metropolitan Av station
You will see signs for the G train. You will have to walk past the back
of the L train, down a corridor that bends to the left. You will pass a
newspaper/candy store and then you will find yourself in an open space
with tiled murals on both sides of this space. Walk to your right where
there is a sign that reads Smith/9th Sts
Take the G train to the Myrtle/Willoughby stop.
Kitty-corner from the corner where you surface from the station, you will
see a construction site, opposite a tire fixing store on the other side of
the street.
Walk one block south to Vernon and then one longer block east to Tompkins.
Look down the street to see a minaret (tower-like structure) that rises
above the height of the row house on Vernon. Walk towards it.
On the other side of the street (south side), right at the end of the
block you will see the church, corner of Tompkins and Vernon.
Look for me and Jim.

1. What the fuck is a kitty corner?
2. What the fuck is a minaret? If you’re going to explain it, then don’t put the fucking word there. Why the hell would you include the word minaret in directions anyways? What sane person…omg
3. Walk one block south to Vernon…this ninja here. I had no idea where the hell Vernon was, so imagine me standing there on some crackcorner trying to look down the street to read street signs. NORMALLY, in directions you’d say, turn left on blah and then you’ll get to Vernon. Our teacher yo, he does too much.
4. And you’d think that since we were meeting at a church, he’d give us the address of said church or the name of the church. Apparently they don’t teach PhD’s how to give directions

Her frustration is understandable. Mostly hilarious. 

This professor vacays in Narnia.

Summers at Hogwarts via platform 9 3/4.

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