Kvetch: Cross-Eyed

The Cornell Daily Sun runs Kvetch, an op-ed column of students being plaintive for complaining sake. It’s funny. 

Once again my Law School buddy emailed me with one of her problemsss. Her problems are my happy place. 

There is this broad in my class that types with her two pointer fingers.


There are two bishes, but the second bish is saved by the fact that she types unnaturally fast. Like she stays pounding on her computer like she’s mad. It’s quite amusing to watch.

Back to the first broad.

Blond, cross-eyed, talks really slow and every sentence is a question—my overall impression is bish is slow.

This bish went and copped the smaller MacAir. My computer. Sits in class, and types mad gingerly with her two fingers. It pisses me off.

Like she looks down at the keyboard,  *tip…tap…tap tap…tip*, looks up all cross-eyed, looks back down *tap tip….tip…tap…tap tap…* looks up, looks back down, *backspace backspace…..tip tap tip…tap tap…tap*.

It drives me insane.

Like how did you get this far? Why are you here? Why must you make us females look bad? WHY?

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