I play my part in major a non-profit performing arts center and even the peeps around here are whispering about dents in their respective portfolios. 

Little do they know I’m the oddball out with a degree in Applied Economics, not Comparative Literature or Theatrical Performance, so I’m a tad conversant on the subject. And… and this news changes nothing. 

Big banks will still arbitrage markets until the only thing left to exploit is the collateralized fund of street art they purchased from a shady Rio holding company after six rounds of bourbon at a clandestine dining club. And companies whose revenue streams are driven by ancillary components, i.e. Facebook, will continue to revel in their own overvaluation

But I know nothing. I’m penniless. 

«Leafs through tattered copy of Malkiel’s A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Cogent compendium of everything many of us have been consumed with since those fated days in 2008. Alas, the finance sector need not fret, it’ll bounce back. Someone’s going to make bank at least. Just maybe not that disgruntled banker in the ill-fitting Ron Paul suit muttering to himself in the streets about options he underwrote four years ago… Cray cray.

Shouldve taken the job at that unsexy hedge fund in west bubblefoop Pennsylvania. They’re over there winning