At one point I had thoughts on the subject. The day the article was released. I still do. Saving up the remainder for a panel discussion I’ll be participating in. 

In the interim opinions have been aired on all sides. 

The Atlantic has chimed in. Philadelphia Inquirer covered a panel discussion at the National Constitution Center Monday evening. There’s another with the local National Association of Black Journalists tonight. Ebony had a bone to pick, as well as Philadelphia Magazine’s contemporaries City Paper and The Daily News

Even JUMP, my go-to freelance host entered the fray for the win. 

Oh, race. Such the drams. 

Yes, I’ve been feeling Azealia Banks for a bit, but one must pay homage to my fellow Uptowner Philly not NYC, Miss E V E. I might jam to 212, but the 215 - Germantown | West Oak Lane | Mt. Airy - is always it

Eve slayed. She looked gorgeous. Her dad stood next to us. Sweet. Her energy was fun and raw. She gave my sister the mic. High-fived me. Even harlem shook it with my boy. Can’t wait for her 2012 release. 


Show was over by 8:30 so I was able to hustle it to my friend’s birthday dinner at El Vez. Love

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