Azealia Banks | 212

How does Teyana Taylor feel about this? The same way Solange regards Elle Varner?

I hated on Miss Banks for a brief while. Mostly because I was team Iggy and I may have been jealous Karl Lagerfeld wasn’t blessing me in his court of haute couture’s elite or Alexander Wang wasn’t dressing and accompanying me to the Met Ball or Mugler’s Nicola Formichetti hadn’t declared himself my bffl or Terry Richardson wasn’t hosting me at his studio. But I’ve matured since then. AB gives me Santigold, but reps Harlem instead of northwest Philadelphia, and quarter waters instead of Yuengling. A hipster-made Foxy Brown. She’s authentic. And refreshing. Authentically refreshing. I dig it. Fellow Illadelphian Eve digs it. Dig her. 

Rock on at Coachella.