MTV’s Skins is lacking. About 4.5 minutes into it I opted out and decided to rewatch the second episode of Showtime’s Shameless. Why I’m not feeling it? Simple. American kids don’t act like that. Yes we [American youth] sex and drug it up and whatnot, but our humor isn’t as wry. And if we are sardonic, it’s in an optimistic light hearted way, if that’s possible? Or perhaps it’s the direction and not necessarily the script. In that case Director, Americans don’t view life like that. I don’t know. Us USAnites like to believe in something and want to be somebody. It’s just what we do. We’re all going to be famous one day and/or be Oprah and/or Warren Buffet. Not really. But the gleam in our eye is there. Even the most desolate of us. We dream! Something just seemed culturally off about the show. British culture, their overall outlook is different. So as an American watching the original Skins, it’s enjoyable and appreciated because it’s an inside into youth outside of American perspective. I don’t know. I just feel the MTV Skins is forcing a quintessentially British air and disposition. Not natural. For the show to feel less awks they need to make it more “American”. Ugh I absolutely hate saying that. It sounds so Sarah Palin rally and so not me, but you know what I mean? Right? 

Because right now. Of the 4.5 minutes I watched. The show seems like an episode of Degrassi, with forced wry wit, and FX Network’s liberty for obscenity. The latter I’m cool with. It’s the former two that need be revisited. 

I’ll pass


This will be the only time in life anyone will ever observe me professing me America. I did it for the sake of art. For the sake of art man.